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New Publication - "Smart Growth and Protection of Natural Resources in Indiana"
  • Protecting Our Water and Environmental Resources.  ID-255 (IISG-01-4) (HTML) (PDF 350k) 
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution: A Threat to Our WatersID-256 (IISG-015) (HTML) (PDF 270k)
  • Impacts of Development on WaterwaysID-257 (IISG-01-6)(HTML) (PDF 567k)
  • Strategies to Minimize Polluted RunoffID-258 (IISG-01-7) (HTML) (PDF 295k)
  • How to Get Started:  Protecting Your Community from Polluted RunoffID-259 (IISG-01-9) (HTML) (PDF 722k)
  • The Relationship Between Land Use Decisions and the Impacts on Our Water and Natural ResourcesID-260 (IISG-01-9) (HTML) (PDF 952k)
  • Brownfields: A Rural Community Problem.  FNR-245 (IISG-03-10)  (PDF 363KB)
  • Stormwater Runoff.  FNR-255 (IISG-04-17) (PDF 308KB)
  • Stormwater and Non-Point Source Pollution.   FNR-256 (IISG-04-19) (PDF 254KB)
  • Open Space Planning.   FNR-257 (IISG-04-18)  (PDF 273KB)

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